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Last revised January 20, 2020

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"The specific roles that forages and grasslands can play include:

  1. reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated per pound of ruminant protein – well managed forage systems improve the diets and productivity of ruminants;

  2. increasing agricultural carbon sequestration - forages and grasslands are a carbon sink that can be further enhanced by well managed grazing of livestock;

  3. decreasing soil erosion – permanent plant cover prevents large scale erosion events;

  4. revitalizing watersheds – permanent plant cover filters, reduces runoff and increases soil/water infiltration thereby increasing surface water quality, replenishing aquifers and reducing the risk of flooding in rural areas and urban centers;

  5. supporting regenerative agriculture practices – use of cover crops, perennial forages and livestock improves soil structure, soil biology and nutrient cycling; and, 

  6. maintaining biodiversity - a variety of flora and fauna, soil organisms, beneficial insects and wildlife species prosper under the protection of permanent forage and grassland cover."

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"The The Alberta Forage Industry Network (AFIN) represents the stakeholders that have the ability to address Climate Change in a sustainable manner.

The roles that forages and grasslands can play include:

  1. Decreasing erosion, areas of permanent cover prevent large scale erosion events

  2. Enhancing carbon sequestration of perennial stands, grasslands act as carbon sinks

  3. Reducing reliance on chemical fertilizer products especially using legumes to add nitrogen

  4. Well-managed forage systems improving the diets for ruminants increasing productivity and

    lowering Green House Gas (GHG) generated/pound of protein (i.e. meat & milk)

  5. Use of forage cover crops and integrating livestock in annual crop rotation for soil carbon

    capture improvements"

Last revised May 1, 2016

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