Letter from the Chair

Dear “Prospective Member”,


The Alberta Forage Industry Network (AFIN) formed in 2010 to represent the Forage and Grasslands Industry in the province of Alberta.  The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers representing this multi-faceted industry and hail from all corners of Alberta.  Our Board has been working diligently and somewhat behind the scenes to establish and move the organization forward.


The purpose of this message is to encourage you and/or your company to become a member of the Alberta Forage Industry Network.  Accordingly please find a membership application/invoice for your use.


Until now we have basically been in start-up mode ensuring that the formation of this association is up to date, accurate and functioning smoothly. Attracting new membership is now our foremost priority.


Currently membership fees are our main source of operational funding and the Board has been challenged to “prove ourselves” while having a limited amount of funds available.


We believe that we are now in a position to say that our initial “behind the scenes” work, and the activities that we have planned and supported have value for the future of the Forage and Grasslands Industry.    However, to continue the momentum and maintain credibility as the “voice” of Forages and Grasslands, we need your membership.


We are asking for your support in our future endeavors, on behalf of both yourself and the rest of the Alberta Forage and Grasslands Industry, by becoming a member of AFIN.


If you have any questions please email us at info@albertaforages.ca or call me at 403-507-7914.





Chris Fulkerth


Christine Fulkerth


Board Chair

What does membership look like?

AFIN is a member-driven organization. The nominal membership fees allow AFIN to function as an independent, self-sufficient and non-biased organization that is best positioned to represent the views and concerns of its members.


AFIN members have full access to the discussion boards, and are given the opportunity to participate in conversations and share input into issues of interest. The feedback provided by our members will be shared with partners, government representatives and forage industry stakeholders throughout the province and across the country. 


The membership structure is as follows:




Individual Farmer $50.00 1 vote per individual


Farm Corporation $50.00 per voter to 1 vote per designated shareholder or 

employee max of $200.00 to a max of 4



Agricultural Business $250.00 Up to 4 designated voters


Agriculture Related Non Government Organization $250.00 Up to 4 designated voters


Agriculture Related- Government department, branch, educational instituion

or agency- $250.00 Up to 4 designated voters


Others as approved by the AFIN Board of Directors- $50.00 1 vote per individual 


Click here( PDF format ) to access downloadable membership form and instructions.


For additional inquiries on membership please contact us at info@albertaforages.ca.


A big 'thank you' to all of our current members!

Alberta Forage Industry Network

Olds, Alberta