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    The Alberta Forage Industry Network (AFIN) is a relatively new organization, which was formed in 2010 to represent the Forage Industry in Alberta.  In the interim, the eight volunteer Directors who represent the various facets of the Alberta forage industry, and who hail from various locations across the province, have worked diligently and somewhat behind the scenes to establish this new organization.


    This message has been created to encourage you, or your company to become a member of the Alberta Forage Industry Network.  Accordingly please find a membership application/invoice for your use.


    As an incentive to encourage new members, the AFIN Board of Directors recently decided to extend the 2012 term membership fee, to include the 2013 fiscal year.  Therefore, payment of a membership fee at this time, will mean that your membership dues will be paid up until December 2013.


    Until now we have basically been in a start-up role ensuring that the formation of this association is up to date, accurate, and smoothly functioning. Attracting new membership is now our foremost priority.     

    Currently membership fees are our main source of funding to operate, and the Board has been challenged to “prove ourselves” while having a limited amount of funding available.


    We believe that we are now in a position to say that our initial “behind the scenes” work, and the activities that we have planned; have had, and will have, value for the future of the Alberta forage industry.    However, in order to move forward, while at the same time having credibility as the Alberta forage industry representative, we need your membership. (See attached summary of AFIN’s Past, Current and Future Planned Activities).




    Therefore, we ask for your support in our future endeavors, on behalf of both yourself and the rest of the Alberta Forage Industry, by becoming a member of AFIN. If you have any questions please email us at info@albertaforages.ca

or call me at 780-592-2262.



Yours truly      




Lyndon Mansell, Board Chairman


Alberta Forage Industry Network